Our Team

Sandra Pierre-Paul

Dental Assistant

Sandra Pierre-Paul is Dr. Moglianesi’s dental assistant. Trained as a Registered Dental Assistant at the Scotch Plains campus of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Sandra has become a veteran assistant with fifteen years of experience under Carlos’ capable tutoring.

A Haitian by birth, this quiet, gentle soul has been a reliable and loyal addition to the staff. Her excellent rapport with patients gives her a comforting “bedside manner” that people wish all health professionals had.


Office Professional

If Carlos is the franchise, Ellen is the front office. She is the first face you’ll see when you walk into our practice. In her own words, however, she prefers to claim, “I am the practice.” Such good-natured humor is part of the many things Ellen does to create a comfortable atmosphere for workers and patients alike. Since she has worked with Carlos for twenty-three years—as long has he has practiced in New Jersey—her claim may not be all that far off the mark. She attributes her longevity to great camaraderie and good working relationships in the office

Finding the right title for Ellen creates some difficulty. Receptionist, office manager, and patient liaison come to mind but don’t do justice to her role. Descriptions are more fitting than titles: the glue that holds everything together, or the oil that makes the machinery run smoothly, or even the salve that calms patients’ nerves.

Her professionalism is driven by genuine concern for the needs of everyone who walks through the door. To her your needs are paramount. She’ll calm you if you feel nervous about a procedure, and she’ll make sure your appointment and paperwork are well-organized. Don’t be shocked when she remembers your name as well. Patients are truly her focus. It is you, the patients, who truly are the franchise.


  • Born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ
  • BS in Education from Hartford University
  • Elementary school teacher for two years
  • In charge of echocardiograms at Georgetown Hospital for three years
  • Mother of two; grandmother of one